Hello my name is Valerie Maltese.

I am your personal Loveographer

 I will write your wedding ceremony based on the biography of your true love story.


I guarantee that even if you have wedding guests that are watching you get married online, your ceremony will draw them close, captivate them heart and soul and keep them on the edge of their seats.

I will make your wedding ceremony intimate, personal, meaningful, entertaining and a true reflection of you!

Licensed with BC Vital Statistics to perform marriages in the province of British Columbia
 A Specialized Wedding Officiant
Certified Life Cycle Celebrant 

I come from a long line of artists, romantics and writers. I could tell you a story or two.. However it is me who really wants to know about your true love story. Go ahead and tell it to me and I will write it into your marriage ceremony and it will also become a timeless and epic love story!

I can't help falling in love with you !

I deliver an alive and entertaining love filled ceremony because I am a total romantic and a professional performer. A fun fact is that I began my acting career in the company of none other than the infamous Tony the Tiger. We ate cereal together on a Kellog's Frosted Flakes commercial and he told me I was grrrreat!. 

Tony the Tiger was cute and I had big crush on him. Of course what did anyone know about a gluten free diet back then? I also never suspected he was the culprit behind all of my sugar crashes! All I knew that was I adored that tiger and I truly thought we would meet.. well in person. I was 5 years old then and the director told me to just look up at the empty space above me and smile because Tony would be drawn in later by some animation artist! In my imagination, I was thinking I might get a kiss from that tiger. Well that was an awakening! Be that as it may, I am the first to tell you, I have never shied away from being romantic, being imaginative or from speaking in public.


As a teenager, I was like a "Cyrano Debergerac." I composed love letters and poems for my girlfriends to give to their romantic interests. It was thrilling, except I had to keep it secret so I couldn't even take the credit for those awesome teenage love letters. 


Becoming a Life Cycle Celebrant and "Loveographer" allows me to celebrate my own calling to love and romance. I combine many skills acquired over a lifetime...and now I can even get to have some of the credit. Although writing your ceremony is in truth a bit of a co creation so contact me and let's write this thing! You don't actually need to be a writer at all. Just like my teenage buddies did, you can just each talk to me or email me and tell me about your love story. I will turn it into your one and only Loveography! A perfect for a wedding ceremony script, a renewal of vows or even for an anniversary tribute. 

Meaningful, personal, entertaining and heart felt ceremonies

allow you to stay true to yourself and keep your audience on the edge of their seats, all the way up to your big kiss! 

Everyone loves a true love story so

give them the Hollywood blockbuster of the year, your own true and epic

love story.

A Family Heirloom!

Your love story becomes an actual heirloom. A thing to revisit again and again. Precious beyond monetary value.

 There may never be another time when you will take this  opportunity to immortalize your love story. 

As an ordained Interfaith Minister and a Life Cycle Celebrant, I facilitate your personal beliefs in your way. 

   The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry to which I belong supports these freedoms. I perform LBTQIA weddings as well as  interfaith ceremonies. 

The approach is ideal for many people who have their own beliefs and may not be attached to a church or religion. As for me, I honour the  mystery. I feel it is important to honour your love in your way. 

Everyone loves a love story and now is the time to offer joy and hope by the telling of your own true epic love story!


Go ahead and

Play your audience's heartstrings like a fiddle !

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